Lead Instructor

Guy Haskell Sensei – 5th Dan

Dr. Guy Haskell Sensei began studying Aikido at Indiana University in 1979, and received his Shodan from the United States Tomiki Aikido Black Belt Federation in 1985. That year Haskell Sensei took a position on the faculty of Oberlin College in Ohio. There he became a student of Frank Hreha, Shihan (Rokudan), one of Saotome Sensei’s original and senior students in America. With Hreha Sensei’s departure from Oberlin, Haskell Sensei served as chief instructor of Oberlin Aikikai from 1988–1994. He moved to Emory University in Atlanta in 1994, where he founded the Emory Aikikai in the fall of 1997 and served as Chief Instructor until 2003, when he was appointed Chief Instructor at Indiana University. Haskell Sensei was awarded the rank of 5th Dan by Mitsugi Saotome, Shihan, in 2005.

Associate Instructors

Nathan Mishler – 2nd Dan

Nathan Mishler started studying Aikido in the fall of 2001 under Brett Baur Sensei (1st Dan) of Jissinkan and Jack Comer Sensei (5th Dan) of Kokon Ryu Renmei. Nathan moved to Bloomington in 2002 and joined the ASU, studying under Laura Knudsen Sensei ( 1st Dan ) and Guy Haskell Sensei (5th Dan.) The rank of Shodan was obtained from Wendy Whited Sensei (6th Dan) in November 2010. Nathan instructs the E153 university class alongside Haskell Sensei.

Nathan received his Bachelors degree from Goshen College, Indiana in Computer Science. He received his Masters degree in Telecommunications from Indiana University. He currently owns a game design and business consulting company called Studio Cypher.

Dan Speer – 2nd Dan

Dan Speer started studying Aikido in the Summer of 2005 when he joined the IU Aikido Club.  He became a student of Guy Haskell Sensei (5th Dan), and Associate Instructors David Villanueva (1st Dan) and Ethan Bliss (1st Dan).  The rank of Shodan was attained from Wendy Whited Sensei (6th Dan) in November 2010.  Involved with the IU Tae Kwon Do club since Fall of 2009 he is working on attaining his Black belt in that art while helping instruct.

Dan received his Bachelors degree from Monmouth College, Illinois in Music Business and Engineering.  He currently runs his own business (Argent Fox) making musical instruments among many other things including aikido weapons.